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Hey there! I'm Dani George, The Quirky Voice!​​

You have been searching the web looking for the perfect female, youthful, energetic voice over and just so happen to stumble here. 

Well, I happen to have a youthful, energetic voice, and also am a female.

"What a coincidence!" you say to yourself, "But is she the right one for my project?" I hear your doubts through the power of the internet. Let's find out!

You've already perused my carefully crafted  sampling of work, and have gotten a general idea of my abilities. Which include, but are not limitd to: commercial, narration, animation, video game, audiobooks, telephony, and lots more! If you want to hear a particular style that has not been featured, send me a note and I will send you an short audition using your project script!

In addition, I work out of my home studio and provide editing services.

"Goodness, this young lady sounds really good right now!" I suspect you're telling yourself.

But wait... There's more!

On top of being able to speak English (a very shocking revelation), I can also speak Bulgarian, and a little Spanish.

A few accents I can perform are New Yorker and Eastern European (Slavic).

If your sold, don't forget to Contact Me!