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Hey there! I'm Dani!​​

Thanks to my beautiful and nomadic family,

I was raised in 2 countries, attended 3 elementary

schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools, and

1 university. I have worked in creative and private

sector fields like Retail, Psychology, Business

Licensing, and Law. My unique upbringing,

background, and experience has helped me

connect with the people I meet wherever I go.

This skill has made it easy for me to bond with

whatever script I see. Creative thinking and analyzing

runs through my veins (and my frontal cortex). It also helps having a sweet and quirky sounding voice.


I am fluent in American English and Bulgarian. A few accents I can perform are New York, US Southern, and Eastern European/Russian.

My furry companion is fed up with the mistreatment of having a half empty bowl and demands to see the manager, “Right, MEOW!"

Dani George The Quirky Voice
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